The multipurpose ducting solution for air conditioning, cables, wires, pipes, plumbing, vacuum system,...

The Eco Duct consists of 2 separate parts: the base (EDB) and the cover (EDC). You first fix the base (EDB) onto the wall, then the pipes or wires with the tie-clips (CE.TCLIP) and finally you put the cover (EDC) onto the base.

Made of rigid PVC and produced in ivory colour, the Eco Duct is fadeproof (resists to UV-rays and to colour alterations). Due to its design, it looks nice and matches well in whatever indoor/outdoor environment the Fco Duct Line components are installed.

For multiple applications:
The composition and dimensions have been carefully studied in order to suit any kind of domestic application. You can use our Eco Duct Line to hold: air conditioning or plumbing pipes, electric wires and cables, vacuum system hoses, etc.


mountblocs CE

  • extremely light weight very strong PV.C.: Support up to 240 kg
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • very good shock absorption
  • fast and easy to install
  • adapted to all units
  • available in black and ivory colours
  • the bolts and latches are included

ducts CE

  • easy to install:
    The ducts have a bottom an an upper section The botton is first fixed to the wall. Then you fix the pipe wiring and bind them with the CE ties and you finally cover them with the upper section

  • material:
    Made of rigid P.VC. which offers a never changing aspect
    The ivory colour is fadeproof
    The ducts are extremely fireproof

  • outstanding quality:
    Thanks to the advantage of P.V.C. and its linear structure, they are very harmonious with the buildings.
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