The Products

ELCO's product range includes a wide range of fractional horsepower AC motors, and fans with different features, such as:

  • Motors for air evaporators
  • Motors for split and portable conditioners Motors for convectors and fan-coils
  • Motors for small household appliances Motors for coffee machines
  • Axial motor-fan for refrigeration Centrifugal fan groups
  • Centrifugal fans directly coupled to motors Roof exhausters
  • Special gear motors
  • Axial and centrifugal impellers

All the products bear the C E mark as manufactured in compliance with the European community directive EEC No. 73/23 corresponding to the Italian provision CEI 61-50 and in compliance with the European Norm CENELEC EN 60-335-1.

For some series the VDE and UL/CSA approval has been granted.

The Market

The electric motor, as it is known, is a universal component which is utilized in a vast array of systems, plant and machinery.

Since its foundation ELCO chose to focus on the manufacture of motors and fans that were suitable for a specific market segment that we can define as "comfort". Such motors can be applied to the following systems, plant and equipment, namely:

Refrigeration counters and windows, refrigeration chambers and freezers, condenser groups, unit heaters, liquid agitators, small pumps, ice generators, drink vendors, heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, convectors, air curtains, chimney forced draught, single and split conditioners, warm air generators, heat pumps, burners, air compressors, suction hoods, vibromassagers, small household appliances, medical equipment, washing and drying machines, convector units, etc.

A so called "standard" motor version was developed for each specific use. On the basis of the "custom design process" our technical department, whose primary objective is to optimize motor performance, modifies the standard, from time to time, so as to tailor each motor to individual customer requirements.

Design & Research

ELCO's products are designed and developed by in house technicians of the highest caliber who specialize in the mechanical, electric and electronic fields. ELCO's activities do not in any way depend on know how or licenses granted by external agents or manufacturers.

This structure, which also liaises closely with external research bodies, is equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment and CAD stations which enable it to perform electric and aeraulic measurements that are in accordance with the latest UNI and AMCA norms.

Furthermore, a new "reverberation chamber", manufactured in accordance with ISO 3741 directives and which corresponds to European standard UNIEN 23741, measures noise tolerance levels

In addition, two "climate chambers" test motor performance in the harshest environmental conditions. These chambers can simulate temperatures that range from -50° to +80° centigrade with up to 95% humidity levels.

The Quality

ELCO has more recently approved a research project directed at identifying the key characteristics of "tomorrow's products", in other words a product that incorporates the following: high efficiency (energy saving), low pollution levels and innovative / alternative materials.

During the latest years all the products, and corresponding industrial processes, have undergone important updates concerning the reaching and keeping of the highest quality standards as stated in the various quality certificates issued by the more important customers.


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