Commercial Unit Cooler
2.5 kw 52 kw

The ceiling mounted coolers in this series are suitable for all types of coldrooms from small to medium capacity. Series: CAN-CAE : Positive temperature areas, refrigeration, storage of fresh products. Series: CAB: Negative temperature areas, storage of frozen products.

Packaged Air Cooled Condensing Unit
7HP to 60 HP
7 HP 60 HP

Packaged one piece air cooled condensing units with 1 or 2 semi-hermetic compressors

  • Designed for out-door installation.
  • Covering medium and low temperature application.
  • Running R22 and R404A.
  • Delivered in the 2 compressor version (M2), with a single refrigeration circuit or 2 separate refrigeration circuits.
  • Offering for medium temperature application the choice between two types of condenser: standard (N) or oversized (S), to allow a good selection exactly matched to even the most difficult ambient conditions


CAN-CAE-CAB | GC2 | C4AH-C5AH | DFC | Mini Cold | FTC-FTR

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