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Fans, Accessories & Other Products

All types of fans
Boxed Fans, Supply Vents, Filters (Absolute & Primary), Flexible Ducts,
Diffusers (Circular, Linear, Blade, etc..), Hoses, Clamps, Dampers, Extractors...



  • Refrigerant Recovery Units
  • Oil-less Refrigerant Recovery Units
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Liquid/Vapour Recovery Units

Automatic / Manual / Portable
Transportable / Commercial



  • Circular, Square, Rectangular and Square liguid expansion probe thermometers.
  • Pressure Gauges & Manometers
  • Capilary Thermostats
  • Temperature Limiting Devices
  • Intervention points and compressor control.



Erie Modulating Valve / Three Point /
24Volt Floating Control / handles 300psi system pressure - the highest system pressure in the industry.
Also: Automatic Air Vents, Damper Operators, Thermostats, Control Dampers, Baseboard Zone Valves.

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J.W. Harriss Co., Inc.

Soldering and Brazing Products

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Air Conditioning Controlers

Thermal Insulation Products

Aluminum Tapes, Duct Cloth Tapes
Pipe Insulation Tapes, Foam Tapes
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CHAMP-AIR Refrigeration Hardware Co. Ltd.
Tubing Tools, Service Manifolds, Replacement Gauges,
Service Accessories, Pipe Cutters, Instruments, Other.


Shown Above & in order: Tubings / Sheets / Rolls / Adhesive Rubber / Aluminum Rubber
Foam Tape / Gasket Tape / Color Products / Adhesive Glue / Weather Paint

Superlon World Wide SDN. BHD

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