DISCUS and Two-Stage Semi-Hermetic Compressors
Air-Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Refrigeration


Copeland semi-hermetic DISCUS compressors are the most efficient semi-hermetics on the market due to its patented high technology valve plate design. DISCUS compressors can be applied to all air-conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration applications. All models are designed to operate with the both HFC and HCFC refrigerants. Superior manufacturing standards and outstanding technology, coupled with multiple options and accessories, make these compressors suitable for an extremely broad range of applications.

Copeland's semi-hermetic DISCUS range can be applied with R404A, 8507 and R407A, plus R407C, R22 and R134a.
Two-stage compressors are available in a 3 cylinder D9T model to be applied with R22, and a 6 cylinder D6T model for use with R22 and R404A.

- DISCUS Series: 33 sizes, cooling capacity ranging from 8 to 95 kW
- D9T Series: 4 sizes, cooling capacity ranging from 4.8 to 6 kW
- D6T Series: 3 sizes, cooling capacity ranging from 12 to 17 kW

Copeland DISCUS semi-hermetic compressors can operate at very low temperatures according to the model and type of refrigerant being used.
Single-stage compressors may reach the minimum evaporation temperatu-
res indicated below:
Refri ergant Evaporating Temperature Range
- R404A/R507: 7 to -50°C
- R407A: 7 to -45°C
- R22: 12.5 to -50°C
- R134a: 25 to -20°C
Extremely low temperatures can be reached with the two-stage models
with R404A; from -20 to -60°C.

DISCUS and the two-stage models are available in a TWIN version. This version consists of two compressors of equal displacement which are assembled on rails and connected by means of a suction chamber. The TWIN version offers double cooling capacity with a high degree of modulation flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.


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